Study Habits Questionnaire

Shaf had tagged all of the readers of THIS ENTRY to join this study habits questionnaire. Since I've just finished my degree, let me share my study habits with you guys. This habits may not work on you :P

#What time you start studying and how long? 
I usually go to bed after performing the maghrib's prayer. Then I would get up at 2 am, take a shower, performs my Isyak prayer, and recite Al-Quran. Then I'll start to study until Subuh. 

#Do you stay up all nights for study?
Yes! There were times we need to burn the midnight oil, haha! But I'll make sure only during weekends or Friday night as I'll drink a lot of caffeine that night and I can't handle it in the morning (stomach ache +headache).

#Any favorite place or port while you study
Desk! Any type or size of the desk doesn't matter for me as long it can be used as my study desk. I can stand only around 30 minutes if I decide to study on my bed, then, zZzZzZ....

#Do you listen to music or not? 
Depends on the subject, if it involves calculations like calculus or statistic, I'll study with music to avoid getting bored with the numbers. For studying subjects that need me to read and memorize facts, I prefer to study in the calm and quiet surrounding.

#Do you start from front page or back page of book? 
Front page, of course. I have to relate the facts from one chapter to another in order for me to get the overall map on what I've learned on that subject. Skipping the chapters was never a good idea for me. 

#Do you study all of section or just the important section? 
All section unless I'm running out of time and its too many topics to cover`! As what I've said above, I really need to get the overall map on the chapter so that I can clearly see what I need to know and what its  significance in that study.

#Do you highlight your textbooks? 
Yes. In fact, there are many sticky notes in my textbooks. But I'll never dog-ear my books. I'll read one sentences until I understand what it means, then I'll highlight the words, and write it again in my own words in the sticky notes in my textbooks. 

Pssst...But I'll never highlight or write anything on my novels. 

#Prefer studying with a book or you like making small notes which can be carried everywhere? 
At home I'll always study with a book, that's why I always highlight the important keyword in my textbook. Err, maybe because I'm too lazy to make proper small notes. I just jot down some important points on a piece of paper. 

#Will you memorize all chapters or not?
Merely memorize without a better understanding is like being committing suicide. My ability to memorize facts are not good, perhaps because of I got hyperthyroidism, I can get brain fog in exam hall and nothing can help me if I did not have good knowledge on the topics to help me started writing in order not to just leave a blank space because I don't remember the answers. I survive my degree by strengthening my understanding of  particular topics and theories  

#What method you have for a smart study? 
When I'm hungry, I stopped to eat. Same goes when I'm sleepy, I will straightly go sleep. There's no point if I kept forcing myself to read as my brain can not accept any more input. 

#How you got your motivation to study?
Bad previous tests and quizzes results, the photo of my parents, and when friends ask me something and I've no idea on what they were talking about, hahaha.  

#Do you decorate your study table? If do, how? 
No, I'm not a creative person. I prefer a mess study table, hehehe.

#What most important things you must have on it?
Pencil case, a lot of textbooks I've borrowed from the library, A4 paper,  and past year question, 

So what yours?
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11/23/2016 6:00 PM ×

Finally, ada jugak idea nak update ><

Siqah Hussin
11/23/2016 6:19 PM ×

Suka study tengah malam jugak! Pastu berakhir dengan tengok drama korea. Haha. Ngeng betul rasanya..

Nice Q&A.. nak join jugaklah. Hihi

11/23/2016 11:00 PM ×

Alamak.. lama da tinggal dunia belajar.. hehehe..

11/23/2016 11:18 PM ×

Nice one mai and love your method of study smart, btw, stay up malam tu gagah betul, sy mmg tak kuat nak stay up malam2 habis lewat study pukul 9 malam je tu pon jrg sgt berlaku. hahaha.

Ahmad Hasif
11/24/2016 3:10 PM ×

sy suka buat note kecik.. senang nampk terus summary apa berkenaan sub topik tu.. hehe..

11/24/2016 11:32 PM ×

kalau bab lagu tu. busyra tak boleh. sbb last2 akan dngr lagu dari fokus. haha. style busyra gitu la. style org lain beza pulak kan. stngh org suka dan boleh masuk bila dengar lagu.